What is the Take a Moment Book Series?

The Take a Moment book series are short, inspirational books that are meant to provoke thought and reflection, and draw the mind and heart to ponder God in the ordinary, everyday lives that we lead.  Simple, but substantial, short but to be savored, easy-to-read, but challenging how we view the dichotomy between the secular and the sacred, this series of books will, hopefully, lead towards elevating daily living to a higher pitch of existence.  That in all things, in all circumstances, in all places, we may perceive the beauty, the goodness, and the providence of God.

Take A Moment
Finding God In Our Daily Lives

Available for delivery starting August 22

God is everywhere and in everything… so begins this little book of essays and meditations on everyday life. Simple yet full of wisdom, easy-to-read yet inspiring, it encourages readers to find the beauty in the simple things, the joy in difficulties, and the sacred in what is considered the “secular” realm. It gives a glimpse of eternity in the everyday. It covers a broad range of meditations on the COVID-19 pandemic, popular movies and TV shows, songs, sports, relationships, and even sufferings. Whether you are only a beginner in the spiritual journey or already a proficient, the lessons contained in this book will surely resonate with your own search for perfect truth, perfect beauty, and perfect love. In short-your search for God.

What people are saying about Finding God in Our Daily Lives

“I loved every page of it. I was always automatically drawn to the next page by the way she meticulously wove her words around thoughts like golden filigree lining a crystal flask of the best wine. In every chapter my mind and heart never argued with each other.”
David Laurel
Lecturer at the Ateneo School of Development and Consultannt/Affiliate of the Shared Value Initiative
Are you looking for something good to read during quarantine?
(or tired of reading negative news and just want to fill your mind and heart with positive stuff....) This book is for you- "TAKE A MOMENT. Finding God in Our Daily Lives" -- simple, easy to read and Inspiring I highly recommend ...and I pray it will help you as well
Blesila B. Villareal
Key Account Executive for PH & Oceania, Nestle International Travel Retail
“I have been reading one chapter of this book every day for 10 days. It has helped me review and strengthen the foundation that I am standing on especially amidst this crisis. It has helped me think deeply through its light, simple, personal and meaningful stories. May it bless you as much as it has blessed me.”
Donnie Tantoco
President Rustan Commercial Corporation, Royal Duty Free Stores, Inc.
“What a compelling read! It's like all the answers and inspiration I've been yearning had just jumped out from the pages and indeed, THIS and so much more represent the response to the little Prayers I've been putting out there.”
Jun Poblador
Creative Director
You write so beautifully. It’s like beautiful music playing into my ears. (I read that way by the way, for some reason hear the sound of the words being said in my head always).”
Kristine Enriquez
Senior Brand Manager
Awesome Lesson! I am inspired to read the bible again and renew my relationship with the Lord.
Agnes Artadi
Marketing Head, Royal Duty Free

Available for delivery starting August 22

Faith In The Workplace: Take A Moment Book Series

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” -(Colossians 3:23)

Are you happy with your work? Do you wake-up every morning with joy or with dread? Do you feel energized or drained? Consider this, we will spend about 40 years (or more) of our lives working. About 60% to 70% of our non-sleeping time is spent in the workplace. If going to work is something you dread or something that you do simply to put food on the table then the quality of your life is bound to suffer. If you live only for the weekends and holidays, then what becomes of the rest of your days?

Work is something that God gave us to do from the beginning. When we do authentic work of any kind, we are participating in God’s ongoing creation and providence. Through work we awaken to our full potential, intellectually, emotionally and physically. However, work is often relegated to the purely secular realm. What’s more it is seen as drudgery or even a punishment for sin. It is in the workplace where our faith is also most often put to the test.

If we viewed our work through the filter of our faith, it would be infused with new meaning and purpose. We would be happier in our jobs, where we spend the majority of our waking hours. We would become more effective because happy workers tend to produce better output. We would also become an instrument of transformation and grace in our own little spheres of influence. The  workplace  is fertile ground to do God’s work. Whatever we do, wherever we are, in whatever circumstance, God calls us to be faithful. The workplace is certainly no exception.

Advance reviews for Faith in the Workplace

“Powerful, transformational, and amusing, this book is about the journey of the author’s career towards finding her true vocation. It includes her transformation, career highs and lows, as well as juicy insights into corporate personalities and situations we can all relate to. Woven into this vivid picture is applicable advice on how we can overcome our own trials by practicing faith in the workplace.”
Dina Arroyo-Tantoco
Marketing Head, Rustan’s Commercial Corporation
“Faith in the Workplace gives us a glimpse of the journey of the life of Frances Yu. In less than a decade of knowing the author, I have witnessed how her spiritual life has skyrocketed because she has been obedient to God’s word. Every word that she writes is a conviction that arises out of practice—that work and spiritual life must be fully integrated to attain the promises that the Lord Jesus has spoken. And the result is a joyful, peaceful, and fully satisfying life. Each person in the workplace must get hold of this book to learn the secrets of a truly fulfilling life.”
Malou de Leon
“There are many points to revisit and contemplate upon in the book, such as what Saint Maximilian Kolbe said that: ‘We have no right to rest as long as a single soul is Satan’s slave,’ the prevalent sin of gossip and slander in the workplace, and the fact that God decides which workplace we will move to, so we should all leave gracefully. We are blessed to know these, and we must pass it on to others.”
Vida Gallaga
"A timely and honest waker-upper to anyone who thinks that every accomplishment he achieves in the workplace is his own. Take it from prominent achiever Frances Yu who worked hard to build a fruitful career, only to realize one day that she had lost everything she deemed valuable. Her life had crumbled overnight but when her conversion began, she discovered true success…her story is not only inspiring; it hits your heart where it should.”
Joy Buensalido
Founder/CEO of Buensalido PR & Communications , Author of Pinoy Manners

Random Reflections

Biking Uphill – June 24, 2020

When I used to bike competitively, my coach would spend many hours with me training for the hills. His philosophy was that the hilly part of the course is where you can make great strides. This is when everyone slows down, lose steam, or momentum. For one who is accustomed to hills or one who trains for hills, this is the time to leapfrog and overtake many of your competitors. While everyone slows down, you accelerate. Through hours of hills training, you develop the muscles to navigate the hills to your advantage.  As it is in sports, so it is in our spiritual life.  What we often see as misfortune, difficulties, and problems are usually great opportunities to make great strides in our spirituality.  It is when we go through the most trying times that we grow.  It is through temptations that virtue comes out. It is the rough patches in our lives that polish us.  It is our failures that prepare us for success.

I read somewhere that you can advance further in grace in one hour of affliction than in years of consolation.  And I found this to be true.  In the spiritual life, the equivalent of hills are the crosses that we bear.  Do we trudge slowly along with our crosses?  Do we sit and refuse to carry our crosses? Or do we simply lay down and “die.”  We should carry our crosses not only with resignation, but with love as Jesus did.  It is only in learning to carry our crosses well that we become more similar to Jesus.  And if we share in his cross, we will share in his glory.  The Bible is very clear that suffering precedes glory.  The saints understood this.  Here are just some athletic analogies in the bible and advancement in the spiritual life: to see more…


Frances Yu is a speaker, writer, teacher, marketing and management consultant based in the Philippines. With about 30 years experience in retail and marketing, Frances has played a vital role in organizations that pioneered new formats and business concepts, including building a start-up company into a multi-billion peso enterprise, turning around a distressed company, and helping a family owned business integrate into a multinational company, among others.

Beyond professional mentorship, Frances also likes to help others in developing their spirituality in the workplace and in their personal lives, believing that when one works with love and excellence, with integrity and right motives, one is able to have courage to take on big challenges, persevere in difficulties and have productive relationships  with others. She is an active member of the St. James Renewal Movement, a Catholic Charismatic Community based in Manila, where she is the head of the Teaching Ministry.

Driven by excellence and continuous self-improvement, this summa cum laude graduate from Forham University in New York, also loves sports, having participated in Ironman competitions and advanced martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, and knife fighting. She also plays tennis, runs, bikes, and hikes. She is a song lyricist and co-author of the book, The Mansmith Mentors’ List: The 8 P’s of Marketing by the Mansmith Industry Experts. She is currently a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute in Denver.

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