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Frances Yu is a speaker, writer, teacher, marketing and management consultant based in the Philippines. With about 30 years experience in retail and marketing, Frances has played a vital role in organizations that pioneered new formats and business concepts, including building a start-up company into a multi-billion peso enterprise, turning around a distressed company, and helping a family owned business integrate into a multinational company, among others.

Beyond professional mentorship, Frances also likes to help others in developing their spirituality in the workplace and in their personal lives, believing that when one works with love and excellence, with integrity and right motives, one is able to have courage to take on big challenges, persevere in difficulties and have productive relationships  with others. She is an active member of the St. James Renewal Movement, a Catholic Charismatic Community based in Manila, where she is the head of the Teaching Ministry.

Driven by excellence and continuous self-improvement, this summa cum laude graduate from Forham University in New York, also loves sports, having participated in Ironman competitions and advanced martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, and knife fighting. She also plays tennis, runs, bikes, and hikes. She is a song lyricist and co-author of the book, The Mansmith Mentors’ List: The 8 P’s of Marketing by the Mansmith Industry Experts. She is currently a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute in Denver.

The process of writing felt like a form of prayer. And so it is.
- Frances Yu
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