Author: Frances Yu

Picking-Up the Broken Pieces

Picking-Up the Broken Pieces   The Filipino game Hampas Palayok was derived from the Spanish game of Pinata.  This was a popular game in children’s parties when I was growing-up.  The mechanics of the game are simple.  A traditional earthen pot called a palayok is filled with candies and other goodies and suspended in the air. A […]

Take a moment (and find God in the workplace)

OMG. This is an expression one commonly uses to express awe, surprise, gratitude and joy—and sometimes even dismay and disappointment. I’d like to believe it’s our instant way of “talking” to God. I purposely mentioned God in a previous column titled “Lessons From the Pandemic,” which related how this global health crisis has made many […]

Star Wars: Lessons in Love and Fear

Star Wars: Lessons in Love and Fear Star Wars was one of the most successful film series ever made. It finally closed with its last episode in 2019, “The Rise of Skywalker” to disappointing reviews.  However, this does not detract from the timelessness of the themes underlying the entire series, that is, the classic battle […]

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