Take A Moment : Finding God in Our Daily Lives

God is everywhere and in everything… so begins this little book of essays and meditations on everyday life. Simple yet full of wisdom, easy-to-read yet inspiring, it encourages readers to find the beauty in the simple things, the joy in difficulties, and the sacred in what is considered the “secular” realm. It gives a glimpse of eternity in the everyday. It covers a broad range of meditations on the COVID-19 pandemic, popular movies and TV shows, songs, sports, relationships, and even sufferings. Whether you are only a beginner in the spiritual journey or already a proficient, the lessons contained in this book will surely resonate with your own search for perfect truth, perfect beauty, and perfect love. In short-your search for God.

Faith In The Workplace : Take a Moment Book Series

Are you happy with your work? Do you wake-up every morning with joy or with dread? Do you feel energized or drained? Consider this, we will spend about 40 years (or more) of our lives working. About 60% to 70% of our non-sleeping time is spent in the workplace. If going to work is something you dread or something that you do simply to put food on the table then the quality of your life is bound to suffer. If you live only for the weekends and holidays, then what becomes of the rest of your days?

        Work is something that God gave us to do from the beginning. When we do authentic work of any kind, we are participating in God’s ongoing creation and providence. Through work we awaken to our full potential, intellectually, emotionally and physically. However, work is often relegated to the purely secular realm. What’s more it is seen as drudgery or even a punishment for sin. It is in the workplace where our faith is also most often put to the test. 

        If we viewed our work through the filter of our faith, it would be infused with nw meaning and purpose. We would be happier in our jobs, where we spend the majority of our waking hours. We would become more effective because happy workers tend to produce better output. We would also become an instrument of transformation and grace in our own little spheres of influence. The  workplace  is fertile ground to do God’s work. Whatever we do, wherever we are, in whatever circumstance, God calls us to be faithful. The workplace is certainly no exception.

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